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. >>> yes. >> when mr. fantastic yo called me after chris hall to say that chris hall had been let go and appellate had been seeking new counsel and in the end when he determined that i was not going to agree to a continuance he said okay, well i guess i'll have to tell chris. not the owner, chris. when i spoke to this attorney today about how he came to be involved in the case whether it was through chris hall he said no it was through bill phases zero and so it may be -- it appears to me based on that chain that even if there is no direct relationship and even if you know, my colleague here has been brought in without his knowledge in a sense, there clearly is a connection between chris hall, bill phases zero and counsel here today. i think that is more evidence of game swingship. >> thank you what is the likely timing of the state certification that you have said think applied for state certification is that what is going on? . >> there is a timing in the state legislation. >>> no --. >> i'm sorry i'm hard of hearing. >>> the state certification of the business such tha
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at the broadway plaza to find out how yo . >>> welcome back. 6:45. today we will be at three bay area locations for our share your holiday food drive. >> let's catch up with mike live at broadway plaza in walnut creek. how is it going? >>> it is going great. we've already had people stop by, families bringing food we are off to a good start. we still need more help we are in the main courtyard where we are decorated for the season. during the holidays there's families out there with needs. they need food, they need help during the holiday season we are going to bring in communications manager from alameda county community food bank. thank you for being here. what are your goals for this food drive? how can the people at home help? >> alameda county disputes over 24 million pounds of food to our community there's one this six county residents who are in need of help from the food bank. we need a lot of help. we purchase more than half of what we distribute. if anybody wants to make a donation, cash donations are great, we can dispute four dollars worth of food for every dollar we receive. food b
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)